Add a Spark to Your Vintage Online Store

To sell online clothes is a tricky affair due to the amount of competition in that market segment. But you can set yourself apart instantly by selling vintage clothing. Selling Vintage clothing is not as straight forward as selling trendy, fashion pieces. It takes one having a knack for curating those timeless fashion pieces somewhat like what an art collector would be required to do.

It also requires passion and knowledge of fashion trends from decades past. In this modern day, there is such a robust appreciation for retro fashion. This old school fashion is appreciated through events like themed retro nights in nightclubs or throw back events where participant are dressed in the eighties fashion. What is most striking in these events is the apparent joy of dressing in such a manner and the people having realized they actually look good in this sort of fashion.

The vivaciousness of this fashion era is also being captured by modern design houses infusing their designs with a touch of the 70’s or 80’s. This is a true testament to the timelessness of fashion design from the past. A visit to a vintage online or brick and mortar store should always make for an interesting experience.

Most vintage stores worth their salt will pleasantly surprise you with pieces that are handy and are style conscious. These stores will have collections of the very best retro clothes and vintage fashion that is sure to make you stand out of the crowd.

You will also be surprised to find that, environmentally conscious fashionistas are not left behind as some vintage stores have a section that caters to the environmental aware customer ensuring that they will not cringe at displays and will still play their part in keeping the earth healthy.

A well stocked store is sort of museum only you can purchase the clothes and actually look hot in them, it’s quite uncanny how fashion has always been inspired by history.  You are likely to find pieces dating from the 30’s to the 90’s and everything in between.

Let’s check out some tips that are sure boost your online sales for your online vintage clothing store

1. Create your brand;

If you are already in or just got into or are contemplating getting into the vintage clothing business, there is no reason why you should not create your own brand to distinguish your particular taste and separate yourself distinctly from the rest of the pack at the marketplace.

A brand like COAL N TERRY have over time positioned themselves head over shoulders from everybody else by developing a strong consistent aesthetic through curation and photography that has grown them huge long term business including celebrity customers

2. Choose an angle

While you may pick indiscriminately across a wide spectrum of genres and sell what you like, consider choosing a niche to help your business stand out.

  • Focus on items of a specific decade e.g. 30’s or 70’s
  • Choose a specific style, evening wear, sport wear, sneakers, swimwear
  • Select a price point, designer, couture

The above will help define and give your store and collection a more consistent feel. A more defined and focused offering make it easier to speak to your target audience and simplifies the shopping experience for the customer.

3. Follow trends with ardent enthusiasm

Be in the know of what’s happening on the fashion runways every given season. Find ways to get the more information on celebrities and any other trend influencers with respect to fashion on magazines and online. This can help dictate your direction.

While vintage can be most desirable, you can get even more out of it by translating it to a modern style or lifestyle.

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